Shri P.R.Vashishtha

P.R.Vashisht - Astrologer, Vastu Consultant

Shri P.R.Vashishtha(Jyotish Acharya BVB, Jyotish Visharad, Jyotish Kovid, Jyotish Vachaspati , Jyotish Kalamani) is famous astrologer. He has expertise in Predictive Techniques of Astrology and exclusive studies in Ashtakvarga System.

He did his Jyotish Praveen and Jyotish Visharad from Indian Council of Astrological Sciences and now working as Chapter Chairman of Faridabad.

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Astrobhavishyajoyti is a website dedicated to provide information on the subjects of Astrology, Vastu Shashtra, Numerology, Palmistry and many more fields. Apart from giving a general introduction services like Consultancy, Courses, Pooja and Anusthan are also conducted. Our team includes a dedicated and experienced experts of these fields who have been serving people for many years.

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Our Faculty includes the following members:

Chapter Chairman : Shri P.R.Vashisht
Vice Chapter Chairman : Shri G.R.Sharma
Gen. Secretary : Dr. RK Singh PhD
Treasurer : Shri L.D. Sharma
Joint Sec. : Shri S.P.Sharma & Shri V.P.Gupta

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ज्योतिष चक्र द्वारा मानव रचना
ज्योतिष वेद का एक महत्वपूर्ण अंग है। चारों वेदों के गूढ़ार्थों के विधिवत् ज्ञान के लिए वेदांगों में पारंगत होना आवश्यक है। जिस प्रकार हमारे शरीर के प्रमुख छह अंग हैं, वेदों के भी शिक्षा, कल्प, व्याकरण, छन्द, ज्योतिष आदि के यह अंग माने गए हैं।
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